How to make your own polytunnel

This is a friend’s version of a self-build tunnel, similar to the one we built 2 yrs ago and described in an earlier post.. good man Pat

Gardening & Permaculture Design


The first step is deciding where you want to possition the tunnel and how big you want to make it. The garden here runs North South with the house at the southern end. A line of tall conifers 35 feet high both shades and shelters the Western boundary. I decided to remove a line of hedging to make some room for the tunnel. Width was an issue and I did,nt have the space for a standard 10 foot wide tunnel.

After clearing the area I used the 3/4/5 pythagoras rule to set out the basis shape and using 10 mm reinforcing bar/string marked the footprint out as with any build.



Being over optomistic structurally I decided that it might be possible to span the 8 feet using 3/4 inch pipe. This was a mistake it’s much too flexible!. The rebar and 3/4 inch water pipe has come in handy since…

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On a mission.. to share my passion.. for growing pure food in a thriving soil.. other related passions include.. agroforestry, woodcraft, natural materials, alternative/ appropriate tech., travelling and learning, food and herbal medicine. Working co-operatively to create meaningful livliehoods and innovative solutions
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