Quicksilver bullets – A story of toxic exposure from the mercury in amalgam fillings

It was once believed to be safe practice, in some countries [like Ireland] it still is, but there is now a mountain of evidence indicating that amalgam tooth fillings, which contain a healthy dose of mercury, can be extremely harmful to those unfortunate enough to be carrying them around in their heads.

I became aware of this unnerving information many years ago, and realising that the two fillings in my head were amalgam, I looked into getting them out. The dentists that I called were all of the same opinion.. don’t bother. It would be very expensive and removal may cause more exposure to mercury than if I left them there. I wasn’t wholly satisfied with this response, but the cost was prohibitive at the time, and I didn’t realise exactly how dangerous these fillings could be.

Only when the subject arose on two occasions recently, with a well-informed friend who had recently had hers removed, and then with a practitioner of alternative medicine, did I reconsider the necessity of getting rid of this possible hazard. In fact, the man of medicine made quite a convincing case, with his own experience of patients who had been suffering from a range of symptoms which had disappeared soon after the removal of the amalgam fillings. The same man gave me the number of an holistic dentist who specialises in amalgam removal. Holistic dentist?,you may ask, it was a concept which was new to me too, but struck a chord immediately. I had an almost subconscious instinct about the teeth being more than just tools to process our food with. It made a lot of sense to look at our teeth as part of the whole body, especially when we have to interfere with them in any way. Soon I would learn the extent to which this gut feeling bore truth.

20140122_122758The above diagram illustrates the relationship that each of our teeth has with our major organs and also with the rest of our body {Excuse the quality, this is a photo of the diagram from the wall of the dentist’s office, I couldn’t find the original on-line}. When reading it, imagine you the mouth depicted is facing you, so tooth one would be your upper right molar. It is based on the now widely-accepted knowledge that our body is one of energy, with meridian lines carrying this energy and connecting the whole system. Western medicine took a long time to catch up, indeed it is sadly far behind in many aspects, but at last it has recognised the wisdom of energy medicine, if only in the form of acupuncture and reflexology. How western doctors could deny the logic and benefits of these practices for so long defies belief. It only goes to show how entrenched and closed-minded certain elements of the western medical profession is. but that’s a whole other story.. back to the teeth.

I wasn’t fully convinced of a connection between my own health issues and the two lumps of mercury in my head, until I actually found myself in Dr. John Murphy’s chair. The first bombshell to be dropped on me that morning was the reading from a device which measures the level of mercury vapour in the mouth. 15 parts per million was by no means a high reading, I was assured that readings of several hundred parts per million were not unheard of, usually when the filling had been corrupted in some way, or when they are very old and leaky.. but it still shocked me to think there was ANY mercury vapour dissipating from my fillings. Surely this has some consequences? I was informed that the dissipation is accelerated by increases in temperature, say by hot beverages.. my mind was reeling with the idea that every cup of tea, coffee or bowl of soup I had consumed in the last twenty years had carried a miniature dose of poison. If you would like to see visual evidence of this phenomenon, click below, it makes for disturbing watching, especially if you have these type of fillings;

The next bombshell was dropped in the form of my x-ray, which clearly displayed my two toxic fillings. When we compared the x-ray to the above diagram, displaying the connection each tooth has with various parts of the body and organs, the blood drained from my head, I saw a clear correlation between the symptoms I was experiencing and the teeth affected. I experienced a strange mix of anger, frustration, despair and relief. Obviously I felt angry at the idea that all my suffering was the result of such stupidity and negligence on the part of the dentist who put them in, at the wider community of dental associations who still condone this practice, despair at the thought of all the amalgam fillings slowly poisoning our families and friends, that these fillings were still being used today, and right here in Ireland! We are filling the mouths of our young with one of the most toxic substances we can imagine, even without the over-whelming evidence available, this amounts to a criminal act in my view.

The relief of finally getting to the root cause of my previously unexplainable symptoms and the knowledge that I would soon be free of them, was flooding through my consciousness in the same breath. As with any fundamental truth, it felt like a nugget of knowledge that has always been lying in a forgotten corner of your mind, waiting to be discovered and dusted-off.

At this stage I was shell-shocked into an emotionally numb state, so when the the Doc took some photos of my fillings and pointed out on his computer screen where evidence of mercurial leakage could be plainly seen, by black staining around the teeth, I took it all in relatively calmly! There was nothing to be done about it now, except to rigidly stick to the prescribed detoxification program. This program commenced when I first made the appointment last December. I was advised to begin taking Chlorella [I will dedicate a future post to this wonderful substance] and Milk Thistle, both are tremendous agents of detoxification of the organs. On my departure from Dr. Murphy’s surgery with my new white composite fillings, he advised me to continue the course of Chlorella and Milk Thistle for a further three months, to ensure any remaining deposits of mercury or related toxins are expelled.

In the course of my two sessions in the good Doctor’s chair, he related numerous cases of severe mercury poisoning that he had encountered in his years of practice. The common theme was the arrival of a very ill and desperate soul coming to him as a last resort, after confounding several specialists. Usually the victims of this poisoning were clutching at straws, but each one experienced a complete recovery after the mercury was purged from their systems. He told me about one young woman who had come to him in a state of severe ill-health, carrying a number serious symptoms. She had only one old and leaky amalgam filling, and her mercury vapour reading was off the scale.. she went from death’s door to the picture of health in 3 months.. another case of severe poisoning turned out to be the result of another, even more toxic element, called Thallium, which can be sometimes found in these amalgam fillings. How does it get there? Well this sounds bizarre, but the theory was based on the fact that Thallium is added to the mercury in thermometers that are designed for use in Arctic conditions, to prevent the mercury from freezing, since Thallium has a freezing point of -58 degrees Celsius, while mercury will freeze at -38. The mercury from these thermometers is then recycled into amalgam fillings! It may seem a stretch, but there is no other explanation for this occurrence. More information on this can be found here:


For any readers in Ireland, the above link will bring you to Dr. Murphy’s dental practice website.

When I realised just how many symptoms can be brought on by even minuscule doses of mercury, the more common ones being chronic fatigue, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and arthritis,  I began to wonder how many people out there were putting up with niggling symptoms which might make their life slightly more uncomfortable, and all the others at the extreme end of the scale, whose lives are being threatened by exposure to mercury.

So this brings me to the big questions. Why are we still using this toxic substance when the evidence exists to prove it is unsafe? And how do we go about getting amalgam fillings banned in countries where they are still being used.

Well, the answer to the first question is the same answer we encounter too frequently in these matters.. money! Amalgam fillings are cheaper, and in this country the Health Service will only cover cost of the cheaper amalgam fillings for those with a medical card. The lack of awareness about the seriousness of this health risk is another factor. If the public was aware of the implications, they would certainly find the extra cash to get composite fillings fitted.. but the truth is not told when they are sitting in that chair. The “party-line” of the Irish Dental Association is that these ticking time-bombs are perfectly safe, a line that is obediently towed by any dentist who is brain-washed into believing it. These are the same idiots who condone and support the addition of fluoride to our drinking water.. but that’s a whole other story too.. the best way to end this absurd and dangerous situation, is to expose it to the public, to bring it into the open and inform ourselves. We have to learn that doctors and dentists are not the superior beings we seem to think they are. They are just human, easily corrupted, misled and usually covering their ignorance with a thick layer of arrogance.  We must learn to take responsibility for our own health and well-being by examining the conventionally accepted wisdom.

Amalgam fillings have already been banned in several countries, including Sweden, Germany and Romania!

I would STRONGLY advise anyone with amalgam fillings to have them replaced as soon as possible. The expense and hassle might put you off, but your health is your wealth. Don’t forget that.


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2 Responses to Quicksilver bullets – A story of toxic exposure from the mercury in amalgam fillings

  1. Reblogged this on DJ Willow The Wisp and commented:
    I remember being with a reiki therapist before I was about to get my wisdom teeth out. She advised me not to’ as your wisdom teeth were your connection to consciousness ‘ or something along those lines. I was interested to view the diagram about the traditional Chinese medical viewpoint. The diagram doesn’t link the therapists theory completely but it does prove her theory about the link between our teeth and other bodily functions.

    • 3dirtytree says:

      Hey Will! long time no see.. how goes it? thanks for the feedback.. there’s definitely something to this alright.. my dentist also said something about the importance of the wisdom teeth.. he seemed very happy that mine were intact. need to do some more research..but as usual the ancient eastern forefathers have a more holistic and logical-sounding take on this.

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