Continuous cover forestry (CCF) – alternative forest management

Time for some GOOD NEWS !..Let’s hope this type of forestry becomes the norm rather than the exception in the coming years.

Pro Silva Ireland

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ProSilva Ireland is delighted to reprint an article from the Irish Farmers Journal by Donal Magner. Donal reviewed in detail the recent ProSilva Ireland and the Society of Irish Forester’s field day at Ballyhooly forest in North Cork, managed by Coillte. Our thanks to Donal Magner and the Irish Farmers Journal.

Continuous cover forestry (CCF) – alternative forest management
by Donal Magner

Lesson one. The ways to propagate a tree are many.
Some take root on their own, with no one’s help,
and put themselves about theplace…

From Georgics by Virgil (29BC). Translated by PeterFallon (2006).

In Georgics,Virgil described six ways to propagate trees. He began with three types of natural regeneration or ‘Nature’s way for each and every tree in woods and sacred groves to thrive and flourish’.

These were followed by three ‘other ways, found out by trial and error’; in other words, where man intervenes to…

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On a mission.. to share my passion.. for growing pure food in a thriving soil.. other related passions include.. agroforestry, woodcraft, natural materials, alternative/ appropriate tech., travelling and learning, food and herbal medicine. Working co-operatively to create meaningful livliehoods and innovative solutions
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