Frack attack!!

Are you ready for a little perspective?

Bet you thought our government couldn’t get any more incompetent, short-sighted or plain ignorant?

well.. hold onto your hats.. this is going to make everything else look like a walk in the park.. have you heard the term “fracking” yet?  do you know what it means? if the answer is no, and it will be for most of you, since the popular media has been suspiciously quiet on this topic, you have a duty as a citizen to inform yourself.. whether you feel it affects you or not.. because it probably does, directly OR indirectly.

You may think you are safe from the nightmare consequences of this mother-of-all extractive activities, but if you live on the island of Ireland, or in the UK, or most of Europe, or most other continents, you are at risk from future pollution of your water, air and general environment.

I have included a few links to videos, websites and documents that will help you to get your head around it. I recommend watching the film “GASLAND” by Josh Fox, and doing some of your own research. I can guarantee this topic will tickle your sense of outrage.

DCCTV on Fracking in Ireland

Video on fracking in Poland

A glimmer of hope from last Sunday’s Leitrim Observer

report on spill of fracking fluid in Pennsylvania

Article in Indymedia Ireland, documenting some excellent letters and responses to fracking

Jessica Ernst on Fracking

1 minute video from

Information video from Ross Brown of Belfast anti-fracking group

Investigative journalist Greg Palast on Fracking in Ireland

Useful links:


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