Pipe Down..good viewing if you want to know the real Corrib Gas Pipeline story

I came across this documentary on Vimeo last night when looking into the story behind the Shell-to-Sea protest and what’s happening in Iorrais. I had heard many stories about the heavy-handed approach of the guards, but hadn’t expected this. Here is a clear case of the Irish government using our police force against us in a brutal and illegal repression of peaceful citizens while they doggedly defend one of the most pristine, wild and beautiful parts of the island. Not to mention the livelihoods and homes of hundreds of fishing and farming families.

What really worries me is what’s in store for us in the future if these activities are allowed to continue. The next big battle is against plans to use Hydraulic Fracturing [Fracking] in the Lough Allen basin. The environmental, social and financial fallout from this activity could leave the surrounding counties with toxic water, on top of noise and air pollution, effectively destroying the only industries they have.. tourism, agriculture, sport-fishing and forestry. See “frackingfreeireland.org” and nofrackingireland.wordpress.com/ for more info..


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On a mission.. to share my passion.. for growing pure food in a thriving soil.. other related passions include.. agroforestry, woodcraft, natural materials, alternative/ appropriate tech., travelling and learning, food and herbal medicine. Working co-operatively to create meaningful livliehoods and innovative solutions
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